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Rabu, 1 April 2009

Recalculation sensitivity is now as good as Garmin maps

Free Malaysia & Singapore Garmin GPS Map

MFM v1.51 (30 Mar 2009) <-- Click link to download
MFM v1.51 (30 Mar 2009) <-- alternative site from feiming for MY members
MFM v1.51 (30 Mar 2009) <-- alternative site from Nicholas Chan for SG members

  • Added Kuching map by bro edchuang & antyong :thumbsup:
  • Added PLKN icon; Govt clinic icon now visible during navigation
  • Enabled connections with AsiaGPS Thai map
  • New updates for all maps
  • Updated Road POIs and SG postal code
  • New polygon updates

Please read additional info about new features of MFM v1.50 and later

Before travelling to or from Kelantan, please check your route and verify if MFM map recommends you the most appropriate route. Report at the link below if it doesn't

MFM maps are easily distinguished from other maps due to our special features:
  • Custom POI icons
  • POIs are visible during navigation
  • Attractive colors for area compound
  • Different color scheme for day and night

Image Image


1. Recalculation sensitivity is now as good as Garmin NT maps
Bro 76gpsguy helped us identify the proper setting to make MFM maps recalculates almost immediately after you miss a turn or deviate from your route. The more sensitive maps also make Garmin recalculates when you are driving more than 20m away from your route.

This discovery not only benefits MFM community. Once we feedback to the author of our map compiler, Garmin communities all over the world will get to enjoy this feature courtesy of MFM and bro 76gpsguy :thumbsup:

Due to rapid recalculations, Garmin can become quite irritating if you do not follow its route. It will keep saying "recalculating". Also, the parts of our maps which do not have proper turn restrictions implemented will be much more apparent. Appreciate your feedback to make our maps better [-o<

2. Proper annoucement of U-turns
Garmin now recognise our maps' left-hand traffic direction. It will ask users to "Make a U-turn" instead of "Turn right then turn right". Our mappers will be updating their maps to conform to Garmin's U-turn standard. If you encounter an U-turn which is not announced properly, please feedback to us.

Because of the change in traffic system, you are advised to turn off (uncheck) U-turn avoidance for better route suggestions.
Image --> Image
At Nuvi's main menu, press Tools, Setting and then Navigation. You will see the screen on the top left. Press the Avoidance button. Ensure U-turn avoidance is unchecked.

3. Corrected roundabout icons for newer Nuvis and Mobile XT/PC
Our maps display the correct roundabout icon now thanks also to the setting of left-hand traffic direction.

4. Improvement in voice guidance
After our mappers workshop at Gunung Ledang, expect our maps to generate better voice guidance. Again, your feedback on this area will be helpful.
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