Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Root Samsung Galaxy W

why ROOT:
  1. for swap memory
  2. for install chain3dfire
  3. for freeze application
  4. for  O/C cpu 
  5. for install cwm

How to root

for phone version 2.35 only

step 1:
  1. Download KIES - and install
  2. enable "USB DEBUGGING" pgo to (Menu\Settings\Applications\Development)
  3. enable "UNKNOWN SOURCES" go to (Menu\Settings\Applications)
  4. connect phone to PC.
step 2
  1. Download
  2. extract the file
  3. open 'RUNME.bat'
  4. and wait....success!!

for phone version 2.3.6 

Rooting via Recovery mode for version 2.3.6
(If ur phone 2.3.5 plz update via phone..setting-about phone-software update) 
  1. Download this Zip-file( ) copy this into the internal SD card(memory card 1.7G)

2. While switched off, hole press volume up+home+power button. Release the power-button once the Samsung Galaxy W(I8150) is switched on.

As soon as you see the Android with the box, release the Home- and Volume Up-button.

After you hit the menu-button shown on the last image, the screen will gray out, you will have to wait until the recovery menu appears.

 3. Navigate with the volume up and down to apply in Recovery Menu. To confirm your selection use the home-button.

 4. Choose (with volume buttons) the file on your internal sd card and confirm again with Home-button. You will have to wait 5 seconds.

 5. Now choose reboot system now and confirm with home button.
 Now you device should be rooted.



needmax said...

Bos, boleh tak citer cam mana nk root HTC Flyer?...

Anonymous said...

bro. kalau dah root, maknenye boleh swap memori kan? macam mane nak move apps masuk sd card? phone dgn usb storage penuh laa.

Anonymous said...

i root my galaxy w phone via recovery mood...i just want to ask how to unroot....for the future...please email me at alot...

Anonymous said...

sya dh root guna recovery mode... mcm mana nk unroot balik.... email sya

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